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Hi everyone,

It’s summer! It’s the time of year when

we normally think of travelling to visit

new and interesting places. This year

most of us won’t be going very far, but

we still may be able to take the

opportunity to see somewhere new in

this country. In our Messy Church @

Trinity pages this month we are

thinking about Paul’s travels and the

adventures he had.

Paul was one of the first and perhaps

the greatest of all missionaries. He

started by being one of the people

who criticised and punished Jesus and

his followers. Then, after a startling

message from God, he had a massive

change of heart and became a

follower of Jesus himself, the leading

person in the early church of Christians.

A missionary is someone who travels to new places to tell people about God

and about Jesus’s message of love. Paul went on lots of travels around the

countries of the eastern Mediterranean and had many adventures with his

friends Barnabas and Silas, such as shipwrecks and escaping from prison. Some

people welcomed them, and others hurt them and put them in prison, but

Paul kept going through it all! He also wrote letters to the people in the cities

he met, giving them encouragement and instructions.

Find out more and watch some of those adventures on the videos on this

page and the next. Here are some links:






Paul’s Adventures

And now some suggestions for activities and crafts:

Here are some puzzles.

Download the full-sized PDF, by clicking on the image.

Decorate with scraps of a map of Paul’s journey, a cross made of thick card. You can download a map by clicking this image.

pauls journey map.pdf

 Make Paul’s ship from a kitchen sponge (cut to shape), a drinking straw and some card for a sail. Decorate the sail!

Make a shipwreck in a bottle… make a 2D ship from paper and card, put it in a wide necked jar. Add water with food colouring and some vegetable oil. Screw lid back firmly! Tilt and toss the boat about!

 Make an edible prison! Use digestives, icing, jelly babies and chocolate stick biscuits like Mikados.

Paul in prison crossword.pdf paul and silas jigsaw.pdf pauls shipwreck wordsearch.pdf pauls #1 journey maze.pdf There is NO Messy Church at the moment due to Corona Virus - but we  have some fun activities for you to try on the theme of Paul’s Adventures. For a list of previous activities, click here.