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Trinity United Reformed Church St Albans

There is NO Messy Church at the moment due to Corona Virus - but we  have some fun activities for you to try on the theme of Wilderness For a list of previous activities, click here.

Hi everyone,

This is the time of year which churches call

Lent, when we begin to think and prepare for Easter. At the beginning of Lent we often think about the time when Jesus went out into the desert, also called the Wilderness, to be by himself, so he could think about things. He especially wanted to think about what kind of person God wanted him to be.

It was a very hard time for him because he was lonely and had nothing to eat. We sometimes call difficult times a Wilderness Experience. You could call having to stay at home and not go to school, see your friends or go on holiday, a wilderness experience, a testing time.

While Jesus was alone in the desert, a little voice…called by the Bible the Devil….kept tempting him to do things which were not what God would have wanted. But Jesus managed to make the right choice. I wonder if you have ever had to make a choice between the good thing or the wrong thing?

In these videos  you can watch more of this story, and on the next page, another video where you can see some children trying hard to do the good thing, as well as a song and a prayer.




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