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Trinity United Reformed Church St Albans

There is NO Messy Church at the moment due to Corona Virus - but we  have some fun activities for you to try on the theme of Wonderful Earth. For a list of previous activities, click here.

Hi everyone!

As I write to you, St Albans is currently in

the middle of a two week event called

‘SusFest’. This is a celebration and

promotion of ways we can look after our

planet and make our way of living less

damaging to our world and the creatures

we live with.

I expect you all know about recycling, and

reusing our things, but we still need to do

more, and perhaps think of some new ideas.

God does expect us to look after our world.

We know that especially because of two

bible stories: the stories of the beginning

of everything, and the story of Noah. Both

these stories are from the first book in

the bible, Genesis.

In the stories of the creation of the world,

we read that we have a perfectly formed

place to live, and God gives us the most important job of looking after it all. This is

called ‘Stewardship’. In the story of Noah, God gives him the job of protecting all

the animals from a great flood.

We just have to do the same thing, and work out how to look after our planet now!

Look at the videos on this page and the next to watch those stories again, and get

some more ideas about sustainability:






MC welcome song MS.wav Environment crossword.pdf Noah colouring puzzle.pdf Creation dot to dot.pdf Earth day wordsearch.pdf