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Hi everyone,

Do you sometimes feel that you’re burning up

with questions? Something your teacher has

said that you want to know more about, or

perhaps something you’ve seen on television?

Lots of things that we have heard in the stories

about Jesus can be difficult for us to understand.

Things that we believe about God are

completely outside our experience, and that

can be difficult to get our heads around too.

Adults as well as children sometimes struggle

with it all.

But it is OK to ask questions and try to work things

out. The more we ask questions and talk about it

together, the more we understand. I believe

God wants us to keep asking questions!

Last month we looked at the story of Paul, and

how he took the story of Jesus to different

countries right across the Mediterranean. But

he wasn’t the only person to spread the word.  

Many other followers of Jesus did the same.

This month we are looking at the story of how Jesus’s disciple Philip met a high official from Ethiopia. The man was reading the bible but he didn’t understand it all. He asked Philip questions and said, ‘How can I understand, if no one explains it to me?’ Philip was able to explain the passage that the man was reading, and was so helpful to him, that the Ethiopian decided to become a follower of Jesus too, and to be baptised.

Watch two videos here about that story, and three more on the next page about asking questions!





And now some suggestions for activities and crafts:

Here are some puzzles.

Download the full-sized PDF, by clicking on the image.

Make a model chariot. Use a choc dips carton (or similar), make a horse from pipe cleaners and pop in Lego men! What about adding a cocktail umbrella?

Why not have a go at making injera? It’s Ethiopian flatbread, like soursough pancakes. You can find a recipe here: https://www.pintrest.co.uk/pin/831195674981040976/

 Make a a 3D picture of the story using the pdf template you can find by clicking on the picture. Use your picture to retell the story to a friend.

There is NO Messy Church at the moment due to Corona Virus - but we  have some fun activities for you to try on the theme of Questions, Questions?. For a list of previous activities, click here. QQQuiz.pdf QQ jigsaw.pdf QQ Philips journeys maze.pdf QQ word_search.pdf 3D picture template.pdf

Questions, Questions?