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There is NO Messy Church at the moment due to Corona Virus - but we  have some fun activities for you to try on the theme of The Last Supper. For a list of previous activities, click here.

Hi everyone,

Jesus was well known for sharing

meals with friends, and strangers and

enemies too.

At this time of year we especially

think about the meal which we call the

Last Supper, the last one he shared

with his friends and followers before

he was arrested.

It was the time of the Jewish celebration

of Passover, when Jewish people

remember how God helped them

escape from slavery.

His friends organised a special

Passover meal, and Jesus took the

opportunity to talk to them all about

what would shortly happen to him.

He knew they would need a special

way to remember him, and to try to

understand why he was going to allow

himself to be arrested, and to die.

We still share a meal in churches today, known as Communion, or Mass or

the Eucharist, when we, as friends of Jesus, remember him.

Watch the videos on this page and the next to discover more about this

special meal…





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