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There is NO Messy Church at the moment due to Corona Virus - but we  have some fun activities for you to try on the theme of Baptism For a list of previous activities, click here.

Hi everyone, and... Happy New Year!

This is the time of year when some

people make New Year’s resolutions. This

is when they think about making a fresh

start. Of course we could do that at any

time of the year!

When a person is baptised into the

Christian church, that is also a time

when people want to show they are

making a new beginning as a member of

God’s family. In the videos linked below

you can watch three versions of the

story of when Jesus was baptised by his

cousin John in the River Jordan. He

wanted to show everyone he was making

a special new beginning, before starting

his work to teach people about God’s

love for everyone.

On the video link on the next page, a vicar explains how babies and older

people are welcomed into God’s family with different types of baptism. These

always involve water and are a modern day way of copying what Jesus did.

After Jesus was baptised he heard God say, “This is my Son, with whom I am

very pleased.” We can be very glad that God feels the same way about us!





Join in with our Welcome Song here!

These are links to more videos or audio files:

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