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There is NO Messy Church at the moment due to Corona Virus - but we  have some fun activities for you to try on the theme of Saints Alive! For a list of previous activities, click here.

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Saints Alive!

Hi everyone!

I hope that everyone is well,

staying safe and enjoying your

half term break.

You will have spotted that Halloween is nearly here. There are pumpkins, bats and witches hats everywhere you look!  But did you know that Halloween is short for: ‘All hallows’ evening’? Hallows is an old word for saints, so Halloween means, the evening before All Saints Day.

So as well as having fun dressing up for Halloween, we should also celebrate all the saints, those who have lived a long time ago, and those living today.

Yes! Living today! You and I can be saints too. Follow the links below and you can find out about St Francis, who lived a very long time ago, who cared about looking after the planet and all living things. You can also find out about St Theresa of Calcutta who lived quite recently and cared for the very poorest  and sick people.  If we copy Jesus and try to live like saints like these, we are all saints!

Click on these links to watch the videos:





And a song

And a prayer

This is a link to another Saint’s story

A prayer with the saints.wav H_Treasure Hunt.pdf Saint Search.pdf