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Here are some puzzles.

Download the full-sized PDF, by clicking on the image.

And now some suggestions for activities and crafts:

There is NO Messy Church at the moment due to Corona Virus - but we  have some fun activities for you to try on the theme of Green Christmas. For a list of previous activities, click here.

 Make a home made pomander to fill the house with Christmas smells!

MC welcome song MS.wav

 Hi everyone,

There are a lot of people talking at the

moment about things we must do to take

better care of our planet. If we don’t change

some of the things that are happening, the

planet will get too hot, and there will be not

enough places for animals to live. This

month there was a big meeting in Glasgow

called COP26. Leaders from all over the

world came together to try to decide how

that can be done.

I thought you might like to re-think how we

celebrate Christmas this year.

• Can you have a plastic free Christmas?

• Can you do without glitter?

• Can you make home-made cards,

decorations and gifts with recycled materials?

• Can you re-use last year’s wrapping paper?

The craft ideas on the next page can help!

What about thinking again about the first Christmas story too, the story of the birth of Jesus? Sometimes this most important story is lost amongst all the other stories told at Christmas time. Did you know that even in the Bible, the Christmas story tellers: Matthew and Luke, have different tales to tell? Check them out!

MATTHEW 1:18- 2:23 LUKE1: 26-56 2:1-39

Could you tell the Christmas story to someone? I wonder what you would remember, and what you might forget. Check out the videos below. Have the children got all their facts right?





   Green Christmas?

Green Christmas prayers (1).wav Where was Jesus born jigsaw.pdf His Birth wordsearch.pdf His name shall be called crossword.pdf Christmas carols quiz.pdf

Make some home made Christmas cards, sharing the true message of Christmas.

Make a recycled sock snowman or penguin. Click on the picture to see an instruction video.

Paint some pebbles with Christmas story character. Tell the story to a friend or your family.