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Trinity United Reformed Church St Albans

Booking information

Trinity has two halls and three meeting rooms.

To book a room, please email the Lettings Officer.

The Main Hall is also the church.  It is accessible and has a projector and a loop system. It measures 15 m x 10 m and seats 160. Limited kitchen facilities are available. There is an accessible toilet.

The Lower Hall is accessible and  measures 10 m x 6 m. It seats 60. A toilet and limited kitchen facilities are available, but they are up a short flight of stairs.

The Upper Lounge is up three flights of stairs and  measures 6 m x 5 m. It seats 30. Toilets are available on the same floor.

The Small Lounge measures 2 m x 5 m. It seats 6. Limited kitchen facilities are available.

The Lower Meeting Room is accessible and  measures 6 m x 5 m. It seats 15. Limited kitchen facilities are available.


Seating (max)


Daytime Party including kitchen

Evening Party including kitchen

Main Hall

15 m x 10 m


£25.50 / hour

£80  (3 hours)

£170  (6 hours)

Lower Hall (Parlour)

10 m x 6 m


£19 / hour

£60 (3 hours)

£110 (6 hours)

Lower Meeting Room

(Day Centre)

6 m x 5 m


£13.50 / hour

Upper Lounge

8 m x 5 m


£13.50 / hour

Small Lounge

2 m x 5 m


£7.50 / hour

Kitchen and coffee

£10 per event for exclusive use. No charge for tea.

Charges for use of the building effective September 2018 to August 2020

 Car Parking is available for 12 cars at the front of the building.

Access for disabled people is not available in the Upper Lounge.